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Meridith Gray is an expert in rendering the images of celestial bodies. For eight years, her Nebulae paintings have emerged from darkness and are exploding onto the Kansas City art scene. Her ongoing study relates her keeninterest in the chaotic beauty of our universe. Cosmic subjects include nebulae, gaseous star-forming regions often the result of supermassive supernovae, their captivating remnants such as the Butterfly Nebula, and neighboring galaxies such as the Whirlpool Galaxy.In addition, her live artworks invoke poetic allegory, synchronized through collaboration with music and spoken word. Drawing inspiration from the performance, she acts as a medium to channel the lyrics and instrumental expression onto the canvas. She has performed as a live painter with local musicians at Madrigall, Live at 825, Uptown Arts Bar and the Riot Room in Kansas City. Her works have shown in PS Gallery and the Sid Larson Gallery of Columbia, The University of Missouri Department of Physics and Astronomy, at Jesse Hall for the Museum Crawl, and as an emerging local artist in 2017’s Westport Art Fair.

ages of the universe 2 STELLAFEROUS ERA
ages of the universe 1 PRIMORDIAL ERA (e

This private commission contains five panels detailing the lifespan of our Universe, from the "Big Bang" of the Primordial Era to the Dark Matter Era.

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