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ebb and flow (edited-Pixlr).jpg

'Ebb and Flow'

mixed media on canvas, 16x20

This piece was created at the Pick'n on Picknick, a bluegrass festival in St. Clair Missouri. It features an whirling composition and rhythmic use of line work that is reminiscent of vincent van gogh.

M. Gray. Cosmic Mother. Acrylic on Canva

'cosmic mother'

acrylic & marker on canvas, 24x36

The crab nebula flanks a portrait of anna fisher, the first mother in space. Painted at the neon dreams concert at Riot room, KCMO

the reflections on the helmet and the metallic tones make this a standout piece. 

LIVE ART Eagle Nebula MGRAYART (edited-P

'eagle nebula' 24x36

acrylic on canvas

Also referred to as messier-16 and 'the star queen', this massive star forming regions is a massive diffuse emission nebula, which forms the dark center. This painting is full of texture and exploding with light and color. Painted live at a music venue in westport, KC.

Caer Droia.jpg

'caer droia' 16x20

acrylic on canvas

Inspired by the labyrinth in the ancient city of troy, a place of ritual dance, long lost poetry of the gods and mystical initiations. this live art piece was painted at uptown arts bar in kansas city, alongside an electronic soundscape and hip-hop duo known as seaforms. it is a self portrait of the artist at rest, embodied in light and darkness.  

ages of the universe 2 STELLAFEROUS ERA

'ages of the universe-stellaferous era' 24x24

Oil on canvas

The second in a series of five paintings commissioned by a patron and fellow astronomy lover. The scaled series depicts snapshots of the universe from first light, the big bang, thru the degenerative and black hole era. the series was painted live at various venues in kc and stl.

PSX_20200104_124900 (1).jpg

'shangri la' 16x20

Acrylic on canvas

the cycle of water and rhythm of trees follow the energy of a tight-knit bluegrass band. Painted at the old rock house in st. Louis, this piece is part of a triptych depicting natural beauty, gold tones and iridescent moonlight shining through the clouds. 

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