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Meridith is a deaf and hard of hearing artist, interpreter and educator. she grew up in mid-missouri in a large college town. one of four siblings, she is the second child with hearing loss after her brother, and is preceded by a deaf nephew!


After graduating from columbia college with a degree in drawing and painting, she was drawn to continue pursuing teacher certification and interpreter certification. she has since worked as a freelance artist and interpreter, and recently began teaching full time.


she has always had a passion for working within the community, especially with children. she has worked in educational institutions from preschool to graduate school. she was never able to decide between her passions, so she pursues them all equally. 

a lifelong learner and scholar, there is no limit to what she can do when she decides to do something. she is very active in the community and frequently volunteers her time and talents within the deaf community. You might find her interpreting bawdy pirate songs at a renaissance faire, teaching art to deaf youth at a summer camp, singing off key at an open mic, or perhaps even out on a dancefloor of an evening. 

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